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*** 60th Reunion ***
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Tampa Yacht and Country Club
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60 Year Old Ceramic Memento

Reunion Program

Since this is the celebration of Sixty Years after our graduation from H.B. Plant High School, a few photos
of our beloved Tampa, in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, are inserted with our Reunion photos. We hope you enjoy them.

60th Reunion Photos by Courtesy of Sally Villar, Nancy Robertson and Norm Conti.

Our Thanks to Sally, Nancy and Norm for compiling and providing photo CD data
discs for the three day event which are mostly presented here on Pages 1, 2 and 3.

Classmate Rev. Gerald Voye and son Brian, Shirley Fernandez arriving for the Reunion.

Ricky and Mary greeting and name tagging folks entering the TYC Foyer. Shown are Tom Blake '52 and Shirley.

Floyd and Sandi Juster arrive and soon to be sporting their name tag.

Henry Snead and Ruth Stitch (Tapley).

Floyd and Sandi Juster, Richard (Dick) and Charlott Harnett, Shirley and Humbert (taking photo) and Malcolm Smith.

Malcolm Smith

Friends forever and ever and evermore.

Ken and Patsy Neads.

Fitz and Tomi Rawls, Richard and Karin Jeter, Helen and Frank Hawkins enjoying a nice evening.

Carter Gudal, Ricky, Willie, Paula Rumph and Billy Symmes.

Ethel Friedman with Kenneth and Patsy Neads.

The University of Tampa main building - Plant Hall

The University of Tampa main building - Plant Hall, formerly The Tampa Bay Hotel,
built in 1891 by Henry B. Plant. The building also houses the Henry B. Plant Museum
dedicated to the Hotel's glory days.

Hungry Panthers about to devour the Tampa Yacht & Country Club.

Filet Mignon was prepared to perfection. Other main items were Gulf Grouper and Chicken Breast baked in special sauces.

Mary Parsley chatting with Shirley Jane Russell. Eugene Spinadel (brown jacket) standing in background.

Ralph Steinberg and spouse Marlene Greenberg, Ricky, Shirleen Sassar with husband Pete Waite.

Barbara Carmine Frueh, Alice Shepard Brayton, and Penny Hancock McIntyre having a good time.

Joan Henderson with husband Jim Hoppe enjoying a superb dinner.

Rev. Gerald Voye and son Brian.

Jim Hoppe and Carole Tarnow King.

Gale Porter with spouse Jerry Garmen.

Lonesome Me.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers; Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse dancing the night away!

Elanor (Ely) and John Phillips Dancing big time!!

Ann Hankinson earlier at husband's Chuck Schwaner Class of '52, 61st Reunion Luncheon
and later, Chuck is with Ann for her Class of '53, 60th Reunion at the TYCC.

Ethel Friedman, Ken and Patsy Neads.

Jean and Ruben Espinola, Terri with mom Sylvia Weaver Scott, Yvonne daughter of Priscilla Haffner Broxson.

Calvin Carter with spouse, Patricia.

Lafyette St. Bridge in 1922 awaiting the arrival of the Gasparilla Invasion Flotilla.

Jean and Ruben Espinola talking old times with Classmates.

Shirley and Humbert Fernandez.

Terri with mom Sylvia Weaver Scott, Yvonne daughter of Priscilla Haffner.

Paula Rumph with Bill Symmes.

Pudge Rocky and Carter Gudal.

Carter Gudal's daughter, Marla with Willie Vazguez

Calvin Carter with spouse, Patricia.

Mary Lou Roos (Bondi) and Carolyn Straub.

Floyd and Sandi Juster.

Joan Searjeant with husband, Gil Gonzalez

Traveled from New Mexico, Richard (Dick) Harnett with spouse Charlott.

Bill Shaw with: Rev. Gerald Voye, Palmetto, FL; Alice Shepard, Penny Hancock, Aurora, CO
Rosemary Hurley, John Phillips, Spring, TX; Elaine Mikler, Chagrin Falls, OH.

Mary Loo Roos, Joan Sarjeant, Dale Salsbury, Alice Shepard, Ricky Seegers
Mary Parsley, Nancy Robertson, Fitz Rawls, Shirley Jane Russell.

The Flotilla arriving for the
Jose Gaspar annual invasion of Tampa Bay in early February. Shown here for 1935.

Rosmary Hurley (Leathers) and Elaine Mikler (Belliveau) with husband Ken.

Ken and Mary Carithers enjoying this special evening.

Pricilla Haffner Broxson with daughter Yvonne.

Ricky and Class President Ernest Castillo.

Nancy and Norm enjoying this special evening.

No one had more fun than John and Ely Phillips on the three days of the Reunion.

Sally Villar Giacobbe in good company with Ernest Castillo and Bill Shaw. Interesting background scenes:
Nancy & Norm staring at the wall, John Phillips with finger in ear and Joan Searjeant rearranging the furniture.

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